Training Camps

DSS-GB training camps are a great step for swimmers who want to participate in International events. You get to swim with the GB squad and train with the GB coaches. There is also plenty of opportunity to meet other swimmers and to socialise. The organisers usually have a couple of extra activities up their sleeves which all makes for a fun and exhausting time. You can read about our last camp on our News page.

Our next planned camps are; May 2018 in the London area then Peterborough in Autumn 2018.

These events are by invitation so, if you are interested in attending, please email

DSISO European Championships 2017

The DSISO European Championships will take place in Paris between the 28th October and the 4th November 2017.

This is always a fabulous event with plenty of tough competition and the GB squad are training hard for the event. As well as the action in the pool, there is the opportunity to meet with swimmers from all over Europe and beyond. It is a chance to meet up with old friends and to make plenty of new ones.

The last European Championships took place in Loano, Italy during November 2105. Over 100 European and a number of world records were broken. It was a very successful event for the GB team and they will be determined to repeat this in November.

Up to date information about the entry requirements, the rules of the competition and the arrangements are available on the DSISO website.