DSISO European Championships 2019 Team Announced


Down Syndrome Swimming GB (DSS-GB) are pleased to announce their squad for the forthcoming Down Syndrome International Swimming Organisation (DSISO) European Championships in Sardinia from 15/09/19 to 22/09/19. Congratulations to the following swimmers for their superb efforts:

Beth Greig                                Arbroath St Thomas SC

Laura Logan                              South Ayrshire Swim Team

Cerys McCrindle                        South Ayrshire Swim Team

Chris Mcdonnell                        Alnwick Dolphins/Richmond Dales ASC

Daniel Daley                             Cheshire Penguins

Ellen Stephenson                      Newcastle Swim Team/NE Disability SC

Andy Banks                               Nova Centurion/Melton Mowbray SC/Bingham Penguins

Caitlin Hatfield                          Winchester City Penguins SC

Alex Edwards                            Bristol Sharks/Minehead & W Somerset SC

Caroline Faithfull (Captain)        Taunton Deane SC/ Reading Cygnets

Holly Sullivan                            Swindon ASC

Becky Turner                            Gloucester City SC

Mark Evens                               Hitchin SC

Holly Bocking                            Colchester Phoenix ASC

Lucie Fickling                            Wycombe & District SC

Mark Holmes                            Colchester Phoenix

Zac Lacey                                  Seaclose SC/IW Swim Team

Ciara Mckenna                          Berkhamstead SC/St Albans SO

William Lake                             Harrogate Hotshots

William Roberts                        Oundle Otters/PacTrak/Peterborough Special Olympics

Stephane Rouyer-Brown            Runnymede SC/Essex SO

Jemima Rudd-Jones                  RTW Monson SC

Will Reed                                  London Borough of Hounslow SC/LDSC

Thomas Raddings                      Marlins SC/Able2 Pontefract SO

Jake Vicars                                Harrogate Hotshots/Able2 Pontefract SO

Helen Thompson                       Colchester Phoenix ASC/Colchester SC

Florence Garrett                       Wandsworth SC/LDSC

Dylan Hughes                            Monnow SC

Harry Humphries                      Bristol Sharks/Soundwell/Hengrove/Warminster SC

Kathryn Martin                         Bracknell and Wokingham SC/Reading Cygnets

Lizzie Allen                                Alton & District SC/Electric Eels


DSS-GB would like to convey a huge “Thank You” to all the clubs mentioned and the hard work the coaches have carried out in order to get the swimmers to Sardinia.