Thirty three DSS GB swimmers attended the training camp at Churchers College, Petersfield, Hampshire which was organised by Kate Allen.

Day 1 was a day of stroke technique training in the pool, beautifully demonstrated by national level swimmer Abi Lacey. Her amazing streamline and rotation was like watching ballet in water. Keith led his team of coaches Andrea, Betty, Alex and Terry to work with small groups of swimmers to really tailor the coaching learning points for each swimmer. The dry land training was led by Neil and Tracey, ably supported by Sandra and Ian. This focused on resistance band exercises and the second half of the session was a fantastic yoga program led by Tracey.

The social event on Saturday evening at the Trooper Inn was a real highlight with the usual cabaret of singing and dancing to the delight of all.

Training Camp Petersfield April 2023 no 2

Day 2 in the pool was focused on turns and backstroke starts. Again DSS GB were lucky to have four amazing county and national young swimmers from the Alton and District Swimming Club to come and demonstrate for them. Dryland training built on the exercises from the previous day plus some take home exercises to build on the core strength.

Overall another very successful camp with very positive feedback about the technique training pool programme in particular having the visual demonstrations. It appears that most of the swimmers fell asleep on their way home so they obviously had worked hard!

Joh Roberts