The 9th DSISO World Swimming Championships will be taking place in Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada between 21/07/2018 till 26/07/2018.



The above times are DSS-GB qualifying and consideration times for the World Championships in Canada July 2018. The qualification times are the standard we would expect you to achieve as a DSS-GB squad member wishing to attend. These are harder times than the event published times. The competition is a five day competition and we require you to participate in at least one event per day which means you will need a minimum of five qualification times in order to be part of the selection process for the team. If you have achieved consideration times the Coaches will consider this time as part of the selection process at the time of naming the team.

The programme is on the DSISO website and you will see that there are also 25 metre races. 25 metre races are for junior swimmers only (16 and under on the first day of competition). If you do choose the races as a junior you will be restricted to further types of events you can compete in at the Championships. The details of the junior qualification process is on the DSISO website and I would suggest you discuss this with the coaches if you are unsure.

The qualification timeframe is currently 1/10/2017 until 1/6/2018 although this could be subject to change as we may well bring this forward due to the organisation logistics after we have named the team. If you are anyway confused or want help please contact either Neil, Steve, Andrea or Sandra.